<April and August, 2024> Basic Bobath Course

This course is recognized by IBITA and JBITA.

You can deepen your understanding after the course with lectures, practices, demonstrations, and clinical case studies.
The couse details should be checked on the IBITA website.

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Course Information

Date26th April to 6th May, and
5th to 9th August 2024
(30th April will be off)
Course InstructorsHiroo Furusawa,
Basic Bobath Instructor of IBITA/JBITA, Rehabilitation Amakusa Hospital

Naoki Tsukada,
Basic Bobath Instructor of IBITA/JBITA, Rehabilitation Plus
VenueRehabilitation Plus, Tokyo
1-4-2 Momoi, Suginami-ward, Tokyo
CapacityLess than 10 participants
Application deadlinethe end of December, 2023
Course Fee165,000 JPY
The course fee should be paid by the end of January 2024
LanguageEnglish (translate in Japanese)

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Information for overseas course participants

Shibuya scramble crossing

Is it your first time to visit Japan? A warm welcome awaits you. I'm sure you have many questions about your visit. here is some helpful information about accomodation, food and other matters.

First of all, Japan is a cash-based society, so we advise you to bring enough cash for the first few days of your trip. For example 30,000 yen would be enough to cover your transport from the airport to the city and your food, plus any other things you wish to buy while you are here.

Generally it is a very safe country so it is okay to carry cash on you. Tipping is not necessary in Japan.

For your acomodation

I recomend using the following site to compare different prices and levels of luxury.

The closest hotel to this clinic is "Hotel Meldia Ogikubo". This type of hotel is called a "Business hotel" in Japan which means it is not luxurious but is good quality and value. So it is used by people visiting on business rather than for holidays.

For free advice and helpful service, please contact the tourist information center in Tokyo. The website is in Japanese, but don't worry, the staff all speak English.

Hotel Meldia Ogikubo

For food

Japanse food is famous for it's quality and taste. There are many new foods you will enjoy discovering. Many restaurants do NOT speak English and do NOT have English menus, but please just be brave and enjoy the experience!!

There are many restaurants and 24 hour covenience stores aroud the clinic. You can buy a wide range of food and drinks in convenience stores. We call them "Konbini".

For travel from airport to here.

Airport Limsin bus

The easest way to access Tokyo from the airport is by Limsin bus.

If you want to take a taxi from the street, you need one with a red light, this means it's available to stop for you. An orange light means NOT in service. You do not need to pay a tip to the driver. And again cash is advisable, although more and more taxis are now accepting electronic payment options.

If you plan to travel buy public transport while staying in Tokyo, "Suica card" is highly recomended. You can get this handy plastic card from both JR and subway stations. You can use it not only for public transport, but also in many shops, for example paying for food in super markets. It will save you a lot of time and stress when you use "Suica"!

If you are lost, ask for directions at the police box, known as "Koban". You can find a police box on all main roads.

For fun and sightseeing

Please enjoy the famous "Hato bus" tour aroud Tokyo.

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